How To Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website with SEO
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How To Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website with SEO

Dec 26, 2023
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Building organic traffic involves a long-term strategy. Although it takes time, SEO gives you better returns compared to PPC and other paid advertising. But what SEO strategies should you use to get more organic traffic to your website? So, learn about organic web traffic generation strategies to make long-term, consistent efforts.

Look for Long-Tail Keywords

Developing high-quality website content is important for driving more traffic. However, ensure that you have incorporated long-tail keywords into the content. For example, ‘restaurants in New York’ or ‘the best digital marketing agencies in Lagos are long-tail keywords. You may use Ahrefs or other keyword generation tools to find the list of long-tail keywords. Insert the keyword into the title as well.

The major categories of keywords are-

  • Navigational- When the searcher tries to visit a particular site or looks for a preferred vendor
  • Transactional- When the purpose of the searcher is to buy a product or service
  • Information- When the searcher looks for guidance or relevant information

Detect keyword gaps for better SEO

Keyword gaps refer to the keywords used by your competitors but not by you. So, you should enrich your content with those keywords. Identify the potential topics often searched by users. 

Close the keyword gap and increase your web traffic. By analyzing the gap, you will get better content ideas. This SEO strategy also involves using keyword study or competitive research tools.

Remove low-quality, non-performing content

Some parts of your website content have not been serving your purpose. Moreover, low-quality content also affects your organic rank in the search results. If you remove that content, valuable and high-quality content will rank higher. Thus, you will earn more traffic from the SERP.

Besides, you should refresh the outdated content on your website. Check the content library to remove blogs that were posted more than 2 years ago.

Implement guest blogging techniques

Guest blogging is an off-page optimization technique for drawing more visitors to your website or blog. Publish content on relevant websites that have a higher domain authority. Insert your website URL into the guest blog content and bring more traffic. Guest blogging also helps you develop brand recognition and earn more backlinks, which are essential for Search Engine Optimization.

Update description tags and titles

Update description tags and titles - SmaTechs

If your posts are rich in targeted keywords, you must check their performance. The number of clicks obtained from the SERP is the main performance indicator. So, if your posts appear on the first page of the organic search results, they will receive more clicks. To find a better ranking, you should improve the meta description and title tags of the posts.

Boost dwell time by embedding videos

Another significant search engine ranking factor is the dwell time of your website visitors. It means how much time your visitors stay on your site after accessing it. Google and other search engines can easily track the dwell times of your visitors. So, if you add videos to your web content, you will find longer dwell times.

But, make sure you have created highly compelling content for your videos. If the content attracts the viewers, they will continue watching the video to the end.

Informative and useful video content needs to align with the interests and queries of users. Besides, videos help you minimize the bounce rates while improving the user experience. The combination of textual content and videos will make the browsing experience more immersive. The best fact is that videos allow you to present complex ideas in a simple way.

Consider mobile optimization for your website

Google once declared mobile-friendliness as one of the crucial ranking factors. So, your website should be optimized for mobile searchers. Google always prefers websites with mobile-first models and gives more focus on mobile performance.

Some mobile optimization tips for your website-

  • Testing your website with a mobile-friendly tool
  • The design for pop-ups must be mobile-friendly.
  • Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • CTA buttons should be accessible to mobile visitors.

Maintain your website’s technical health

Maintain your website’s technical health - SmaTechs

Technical aspects of your website are highly significant factors for Organic Traffic Generation.

Slower page speed, duplicate content broken links, degrading mobile performance, and inappropriate indexing. Images do not need to be formatted for SEO. Semrush’s website auditor and Ahrefs’s audit tool let you find technical complications.

Apply A/B testing for your web pages

Consistent optimization is essential to maintain higher rankings. That is why you should conduct an A/B test for your website elements. For instance, you have to test meta descriptions and tags on every page. Google Optimize is an A/B testing tool that helps you track performance.


You can now apply the best SEO tactics to produce the desired outcome. With targeted organic traffic, there is a higher chance of conversion. Besides, your website will gain credibility when it receives a lot of visitors and achieves a higher rank.

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