Make Effective Paid Advertising Strategies for Maximize Impact in SEM
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Make Effective Paid Advertising Strategies for Maximize Impact in SEM

Nov 4, 2023
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Have you decided to expand your business in the digital world? Running a Search Engine Marketing campaign is important for achieving this goal. However, SEM professionals use 2 different channels to let brands acquire more visibility and higher ranking- SEO and PPC ads. So, let us discuss paid advertising tactics that improve your SEM campaign.


Know About Various Types Of Paid Ads

Paid advertisements are of different types-

Paid Search

While running the paid search advertising campaign, you need to pay an amount to make advertisements appear on the SERP. You can run your search advertisements on various platforms, such as Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Ads

Advertising on social media lets you reach a wide audience instantly. You may use videos, images, text, and other visual elements for your advertising campaigns. You can also retarget your website visitors with these ads.

Banner Ads

These graphical advertising units are found on the web pages. Banner ads may be animated or static; they include text, video, or image. However, these rectangular ads look very simple.

Native Ads

Native advertisements blend well with your content and look more appealing. But they are not very flashy when compared to traditional banner advertisements. Their organic appearance easily grabs the attention of the viewers.

What Are the Best Paid Advertising Strategies For Your SEM Campaign?

Advertising Strategies For Your SEM Campaign

Your paid advertising campaign involves using some strategies to get the desired result.

Search For the Right Keywords

The most significant factor for keyword research is keyword intent. If your advertising budget is limited, you may bid on keywords with buying intent. But, in case you have no budget limitation, you can start bidding on keywords that target buyers at the top of your sales funnel.

Besides, if your chosen keywords have a high search volume, it will attract high competition. There is also a chance of losing relevancy. But it is easy to get the desired result with low-competition keywords that have a high search volume. There should be a balance between the competition and volume.

Another relevant factor is the keyword cost (the bid you have placed) that makes a difference in the ad placement. So, better quality ads and higher bids ensure the best placement of ads.

Exclude Negative Keywords

Irrelevant search terms or negative keywords should not be used for your paid advertising campaign. These terms will not help with conversions. Although they have semantic similarities with your chosen keywords, they are irrelevant to the ad campaign or search intent of your keywords.

For instance, if you sell only women’s leather shoes, you should remove the phrases like ‘men’s leather shoes. Those who need men’s footwear will not click on your ads. Irrelevant ads may lower the quality score.

Create A Proper Structure for The Ad Campaign

Never put every keyword into one bucket. Choose a particular advertisement for the lot. However, high-volume keywords may make your campaign costlier. So, it is essential to create a proper Google Ads account structure.

Make Your Ad Copy Correctly

As you have chosen your keywords and structured your account, you can now create the ads. The advertisement comprises different components like display URL, title, and description. 

Ad copy creators should understand what potential customers are searching for. They have to make the ad attractive to viewers. However, it is essential to continue your PPC management activities to avoid wasting your budget. 

Highly targeted advertisements give you the desired results.

Proper ad targeting is important for your advertising campaign. 

Location Targeting

Select the target city or country for ad targeting. If your business targets customers based on their geolocation, location targeting is the best option.

Ad Schedule Targeting

With a solid understanding of the target audience, advertising schedule targeting will become easier. Your ads will be displayed to people on particular days.

Device Targeting

Several businesses have made eCommerce portals and mobile-first websites as consumers like to shop for products from their smartphones. So, you have to adjust your advertisements to make them visible to users of particular devices. 

Demographic Targeting

Some companies target people of certain demographics. Your advertisements need to be refined according to target demographics.


Search Engine Marketing involves using the best Paid Advertising Strategies to drive more web traffic. You have to create targeted advertisements for your SEM campaign and make them reachable to potential customers. Hiring the most efficient and qualified advertising experts is important for your Search Engine Marketing program. They know how to improve your quality score and optimize your campaign. You will also find a higher click-through rate with a higher quality score. By making the ad text or copy relevant to the search query, advertisers try to boost the score. So, run your paid campaign and get quality traffic to your website. 

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