The Art of Ad Copy Optimization in SEM Success
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The Art of Ad Copy Optimization in SEM Success

Dec 11, 2023
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Do you want more returns from your advertising initiatives? Are you trying to improve the number of clicks on adverts to drive more traffic to your site? Creating a good SEM ad copy is important for achieving your goals. Let us now guide you on how to manage and optimize your  ad copy for higher ROI from advertising.

Creating an Optimized Ad Copy for Your SEM Campaign

The first step is to understand your brand’s USP, your target audience, and the best industry practices. A standard SEM ad comprises a headline on 2 lines (each containing 30 characters). You can write up to 80 characters for the description of your ads.

For the first headline, you can focus on your target audiences and draw their attention. Your headline should encourage the viewer to read the ad. The best trick is to make the headline captivating and directly respond to the searchers’ needs.

With the second headline, you have to engage with the audience. To do it, you have to add a clear CTA, such as- 

    • Buy Now

    • Contact Us

    • Call Us

While writing a description. You have to communicate additional information to the audience. 

The Best Steps For Optimizing Your Ads

You cannot get overnight success with your ad campaign. So, if your ads are currently not producing the best results, you should optimize the copy.

Use Active Verbs for Your Ad Copy

A slight modification can cause a significant difference in the ad’s effectiveness. Using the active verbs, you can make your advertisements more compelling.

Active verbs are highly dynamic and act as a strong CTA. Thus, by including active verbs, you can increase the number of clicks by more than 150%. It is the best way to entice the viewer of your ads. However, if you cannot use the active verb for the headlines, you must use at least one in the CTA.

Do Not Make Repetition

Some advertisers think that it is easy to write compelling ad copy for your PPC campaign. But Google has imposed some strict rules on the count of characters used for the ad copy. So, you should be creative for better Ad Copy Optimization. As you can use only a few characters, you have to make an optimized use of the space. Do not waste precious ad space provided by Google and other search engines. 

Try Out a Unique CTA

The most crucial step is to inspire your potential customers to take action. That is why you have to differentiate your advertisement from your competitors’ ads. The best way to do it is to make your call-to-action unconventional.

Sometimes, advertisers use too generic words for the CTA. But it makes the call-to-action boring and uninteresting. Do not use dry words for the CTA. So, how will you encourage viewers to take action?

    • Show testimonials to the target audience.

    • Be more precise and save more costs.

    • Let your potential customers use their own imagination.

    • Displayed satisfied customers.

    • Add a bonus offer.

Consider A/B Testing For Your Ads

You might have devoted considerable time to creating your ad copy. However, if you have not tested it, only assumptions will not guarantee the best result. Repeated testing will save you from failures. Thus, your ad copy needs to be evaluated with the A/B testing process.

It is easy to conduct the test for your PPC ad copy-

    • Write multiple ads

    • Run those ads at a time.

    • Find the ad that helps with higher CTR

    • Eliminate the ad with one that comes with a low CTR.

Other Ways For Optimizing Ad Text

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions refer to additional assets used for placing search ads in real time. They provide more information for your audience and let you design ads for the best experience. In case of Google Ads, there are total 19  ad extensions, and 11 of them are configured manually. For instance, sitelink extension enables you to drive more web traffic. Brands that want to spread awareness should use this extension. Moreover, if you have created additional landing pages for a site, you can insert a sitelink extension. Similarly, if your ad copy is intended to increase app downloads, using an app extension is important.

Choose Dynamic Keywords

Dynamic keywords let you customize your advertisements to match the search query. Thus, your targeted ads have to be more precise to align with the searcher’s intent. Your advertiser will design a generic ad containing for formula for inserting dynamic keywords. While serving the ad, Google will substitute the word that initiated the action in the ad.


Improving your advertising copy is not always challenging. However, you should implement tried-and-tested advertising strategies. With the right paid search advertising effort, you can improve your SEM campaign. You can hire PPC experts to optimize your ad copy.

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